Neurologically Based Chiropractic

Neurologically based chiropractic is a revolutionary approach to providing care and making lasting changes to the nervous system: the master control system. Using advanced computer instrumentation we can measure your current strategies for dealing with stress as well as how your body and nervous system respond and change with the care provided in our chiropractic studio.

The NeuroInfiniti Stress Test, or Stress Response Evaluation (SRE) is an effective and accurate method of measuring your physiological stress response. It is a 12 minute computerized evaluation, completely non-invasive, using an instrument found in research facilities around the world. Sensors are attached to your skin in areas such as your shoulder muscles, the top of your head, your forearms, and your hands. The evaluation is interactive and compares your neurological response and recovery to three different types of stress challenges.

Since we experience the world through our nervous system-our sight, smell, touch, taste, etc.- the healthier and more adaptive it is, the healthier and happier you can be!